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Originally posted by Retic chic
[ If you take the time to browse through the literature, you will find information on CITES, import regulations, WAPPRITA, captive care of many types of reptile, venomous snakes including our prairie rattlers, native species, conservation efforts, etc. [/B]
I am not quite sure how this is relevant to what I said, but thanks I already have copies of CITES, WAPPRITA and more literature than most people could read in 10 years and I work at the Calgary zoo so I am well versed in conservation. Your missing my point, the one I made about fighting among ourselves, and instead working togethor. Perhaps I should have left the statement about large constrictors out b/c it seems to evoke a great deal of emotion in many people, but I have had to restrain many large snakes for various reasons over the years and beleive me most people are completely unaware of the awe inspiring power these animals have. Your right they do grab attention quickly but most people don't hear what you tell them about the animals not making good pets, they only see you standing there holding one. Monkey see monkey doo.
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