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Dose any of this really matter right now? The way things are going, there won't be any NHL games next year. What a mess.

Did you hear that recent report, it said the NHL owners lost over 1/4 billion dollars. And that did not take into account the two bankrupt teams (Pitt, Ott). Something like %75 of the costs are player salaries. That has to change.

Although, the Players ***. points out that teams know how to hide money. The Redwings for example, do not include food & drink revenue sold at games because that is filtered through a "separate company".

Bottom line is that the players make too much money. But the catch is that it's not their fault. It's the brain dead owners who are willing to sign the exorbitant contracts in the first place. Some superstars are worth a lot for various reasons. (they sell tickets) But once they sign for $5 million and then have a mediocre year, every regular Joe player will have their agent saying that they have as many points as that guy and want the same money.

Todd Marchant is making $3 000 000 for crying out loud.

Look at the NFL, it's the best run league. Salary cap, profit sharing etc. They had a strike/lockout and the owners won. The NHL had a strike and the players look at the mess we are in.

I guess next fall, I'll have to find that backyard rink in Reddeer and watch those kids play for the Stanley Cup.
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