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Patrick Wise
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First of all I don't think the WSPA is our enemy. Their goal is to promote the welfare of captive animals, that is why a number of TARAS members belong to the organisation. I beleive their initiative in Canada however is misdirected. What they should be doing is fighting for proper legislation to deal with people who abuse and neglect their charges. Lets face it we have all been disgusted by conditions in a pet store at one time or another or, at times, the total lack of concern and knowledge by pet store owners or employess. As for the public eye, we have large shows twice a year in Calgary and Red Deer and Edmonton. As for using large constrictors to grab attention, this is a double edged sword. Every newbie to the hobbie sees a pic like that and wants a giant snake that on a bad day could easily kill them. Your right we need to be proactive, but the problem remains most herpers in our organisation do not want to put in the effort. We have a large ghost membership. If you get someone to come out to an executive meeting once or twice thats great. They have all kinds of great idesa and expect others to follow through on them with the time and work. What we need are more proactive members, not just poeple who take 5 minutes a day to complain on a forum. If you people are really concerned come out to the next local herp meeting in your region. Listen, learn whats going on, bring up relevant topics for discussion and when you suggest an idea be willing to follow up and work on it yourself. The first step in starting a ground swell to galvanize a national movement to protect our rights is to solidify local ties and work togethor locally and then to work togethor to network across the country.... I hope to see you at the next TARAS exec meeting if your reading this in my area.
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