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First of all the WSPA hasn't done anything yet other than publish a seemingly innocent article about reptile welfare in Canada and then personally submit a very slanderous email to Lynn about herpers and the trade. If you read the article in their online journal carefully what is alarming is what isn't said. About the fact we (Canada) participate in CITES which is an existing body governing endangered species internationally, yes they never mention the skin and meat trade b/c they know that live collections do not amount to 1% of that trade and that would belittle their efforts. Their argument is flawed in many ways and CITES stats can prove the limited impact of wild collection of most species and proves the damage done by skin and meat collectors. Vigilance is important, many of us on the TARAS exec have seen this article and are quite aware of WSPA goals. Until they attempt something that takes away our rights there is little we can do to stop their rhetoric, this is still a free country for a little while longer and everyone can voice their opinions. Short of petitioning parliament to put "the right to own pets" in the constitution and sending what amounts to oppositional mail to the WSPA we sit and wait.
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