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Even better than the goalies duking it out, was when one of the Oiler players, Mike Bishai, was wrestled into the Atlanta bench and then got up and laid a beating on the Atlanta player while he was still in the bench...That's worthy of the Hanson Brothers....or a lacrosse game.

As far as the proposed changes...I agree that something has to be done. I like the game and all but these trapping teams are killing the game and it would be too hard to just outlaw the trap so they have to find other means to help the game.

The goalie pads are a good point. If you look back at games in the early 80' can tell right away because there are no adds on the boards and the goalies look so very small.

As far as the goalies playing the puck...let them do it but take out the sissy rule...if they leave the crease to play the puck, they should be fair game. That would liven up the game
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