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Ken, as I said, I believe that the organized, unified approach will have more power than the multiple campaigns of individual hobbyists. I think lines of communication need to be established and maintained between locales to share info and ideas on how to best defend against this proposed legislation. A singular, nationwide banner to represent all of us would seem to be the most logical means of contesting the motion currently on the table.

Nice try with the T word there! LOL! Due to mitigating circumstances, I'll be conducting my efforts from the periphery rather than the round table. Not to worry, you'll all be made aware of any constructive ideas I manage to dredge from the depths.

Also worth mentioning: Once you've been to a few of those brainspraining late night sessions on a wednesday evening, you probably won't be looking forward to them quite so eagerly! You guys need to put a timer on those meetings before you all go buggy!!
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