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hahahah RMBolton, i was thinking the exact same thing when i read that, i was planning to reply with 'allow me to clean up that regurge from the Eagle'.. As for the new rules, some are good, some aren't so good.. Basically the NHL is trying to sell the game to the Americans, (please don't take that personally) remember the red trail behind the puck a couple years back?? It seems like every year attendence goes down in the American cities, so they have to do something to the game to bring the fans back, i guess that's causing more scoring chances.. I'm sure the game will have more chances, but if they keep this up, no one will want to watch.. 3 pts for a win and 2 pts for a tie?? C'mon now.. That's just insane, leave the game the way it was and should be.. Get rid of the instigator rule, no touch icings should be implemented and let rivals play more then 2-4 times a year.. I would love to see Ottawa/Toronto and Montreal/Toronto 8-10 times a year..
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