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I'm torn on the whole pit bull issue.

There are many, many more attacks each year by other breeds, as people say. How that applies percentage wise to each breed I don't know. Each Christmas parents by their children dalmations after seeing the disney movies. The general temperament of dalmations is not suitable for being left with small children, and this shows in emergency rooms every where.

The problem with pit bull vs. poodle attacks as well, is that while poodles can be snappy, vicious little things the number of attacks that result in serious injury are few. You can give one a solid kick if you really need to defend yourself and it won't come back. When a pit bull attacks, that's a whole different ball game. You have an animal capable of pulling 2 to 3 thousand pounds of weight, and a jaw strength of 1800 pounds per square inch. This is similar to the bite of a hyena, which can crack large bones in its jaws easily. Coupled with the persistance of the PB when attacking, injuries tend to be extreme compared to attacks by other animals.

I've seen responsible owners, and I've seen idiots. One such idiot was giving his PB beer one afternoon when we came home, and had to walk through the backyard to get to our rear apartment. His dog is not properly socialized, and is easily startled. This fright quickly turns to aggression. He is not a "bad" or "vicious" dog, but he was left running loose and went after my girlfriend because as tenants we're invading his territory when we get home. She received permanent injuries, not from the dog itself, but from evading him.
I have no doubt that at some point in the future this dog will seriously hurt someone because his owner has not taken the time to socialize him or treat him as anything more than a ***** extension, and lets him run loose in a yard with an open gate.

Banning animals isn't the answer, but how do we ban the owners?
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