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What?! Rotary engines have bad reliability problems? Why so? I'd really like to know before I go buy an RX-7. I've been looking into these for a long time, and I've always heard good about their engines. Could you please let me know why?
They seem to be better now. In the early days of the RX7 they pretty much had to be rebuild at 40,000 miles cuz they were toast. The combustion chamber seals would fail very early in comparison to a conventional Ottocycle engine. I think now the rotaries can live a little past 100k. Not real sure cuz I stay well away from them.

For performace aspects the rotaries are pretty awesome. They have an very high redline and almost no torque thrust to them. The rotors cancels that out. The wieght is far less then a conventional engine. Just they don't hold up well for long life. I imagine if you started making some REAL power with one, that the life expectancy would drop dramaticlly.
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