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WOW what a crazy thread, Anyways I myself listen to hip hop/rap most of the time but i do like ALL MUSIC. Depending on what mood I'm in plays a total factor of what tunes I put on, If I just wanna relax and puff a doob than I usually go with the reggae(Bob Marley Jimmy Cliff etc) If I'm crusing down the highway I might go with some Hard stuff like 2pac,Gangstarr,Bdp,Jay-z or even some (OLD)Metallica Or Megadeth, Led Zep, AC/DC, If I'm chillin' with my girl than I'd probably go with some R&B(R kelly,Jagged Edge,Kieth Sweat). People shouldn't be Judgemental on music or be so influenced by it, just take it for what u get out of it, if u don't like it change the channel/station. There is alot of junky music out there(like most top40 pop) but different strokes for different folks.

I do laugh to myself if I see some1 that is super freaky but I've seen it all so it has to be pretty extravagant.

I just don't understand why you would wake up in the mourning and try to figure out how to make yourself uglyer than u already are. J/K inside joke.

As for Hip hop/Rap not being "Music" your kidding yourself. Rap is samples taken from other "Music" which would make it impossible to say it is not music. Some of the best lyricist/Songwriters are rappers, just look at Jay-z the guy has unreal musical talent.

Oh-ya I like the second one.:hammer:
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Girlfriends just don't understand.

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