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Alright man, you're taking me way too seriously. I never said they weren't musically talented, I couldn't do that because I have never heard of them let alone listened to any of their music. Somehow I just knew that it followed in the tradition of The Cure and Nine Inch Nails from when I was weird 15 year old with issues (though I didn't put on the vampire costume myself).
Ok, stop assuming. First of all, LISTEN to the band first, THEN you say sh i t if you don't like it, this band has absolutely nothing to do with Nine Inch Nails, maybe a little The Cure but are shooting your darts out the window here man.

Uhhh yeah, early eighies was 20 years ago, 20 later means a new generation. This is now a marketing formula as much the ones used to make boy bands. Same gimmicks, new emotional teenagers to sell to.
Huh...ok, allow me to repeat myself then...actually, let me put this in simpler terms for you just so you understand ok? Makeup, nailpolish, Coloured hair have been around since the early eighties, get it? It's is NOT a new generation, like you said, this whole genre and lifestyle has been around for 20 years. Of course, some things have changed and some genres have branched into different styles, but the foundation is still there.

Like you said, you were NEVER a musician. How you are you comparing this music to Boy Bands just baffles me, once again it just proves the point that you are just trying to stir sh i t up for the hell of it, and once again i'll say: Grow up.

Zoe hit this one on the head, you're right getting laid is just a welcomed side effect of this pop-goth marketing ploy. The main goal is cash.
I feel like i'm gonna be repeating myself to you for as long as this thread is alive, cash is not the target at hand here man. These guys are musicians, not talentless whores like Spears or Timberlake. These are people who have spent their lives dedicating to their respective instruments to become masters at what they do, all jokes and sarcasm aside, this band is good. I've been playing the drums for over 9 years now, and i want music to be my life, i have 3 bands and i am constantly playing shows around Toronto (if you need any proof, let me know) and the area, this business has gotten so tough because of the self proclaimed Pop whores, they don't make music. So please, do not compare them anymore, it's unfare.

I have no problems with fashion trends, as stated. People can dress how they want and do what they want; i may find it a little strange but they can go right ahead. What bothers me is all this "im depressed, i hate the world, i want to kill myself, i hate my parents, lets all get high and die of a drug overdose" punk rock stuff. Goth has nothing to do with music (well, not in origins)... rock and roll is from the 50's, gothic is obvious much older.
LMFAO! Do you even know what band we are talking about here? Did you even read the entire thread before sticking your thumb in it? You clearly don't know what punk rock is, and i highly doubt that you have ever heard HIM. They have NOTHING to do with hating the world or overdosing. Like i just said to Mousekilla, GET THE FACTS first and criticise later, you two are taking a blatant stab at a band just because of they way they look and assuming all sorts of crap!!!

First of all, i'm NOT depressed. I have a loving family, a great dad who i go karting with everytime i go back home, great friends, a cat, snakes and above all a great girl who i have been with for almost 2 years now who i love very much. I dislike Slipknot and Korn just as much as you all do, i listen to other types of music, mainly european, mostly metal and hardrock. We are talking about the band HIM here and even though they dress black, they have NOTHING to do with depression or drugs. F#$@ man!!! Why is it so hard to get you people to understand this? All i'm trying to say is that judging someone just because of the way they look is UNFARE, simple as that. Geez man.......
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