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I'm still not sure what "group" I was a part of in high school, and I graduated 6 years ago. I hung out with the "smokers", which to many would say that I was a "skid". But I also played football, and was also an active member of the band AND the drama club. So I guess I was a "Skiddyjocknerd".

I think with an type of extreme, whether it be from dressing in a "dark" fashion, or having a big stereo in your car, it comes down to wanting to be noticed by others, and perhaps deep down inside some people that do this kind of stuff, are trying to make up for a short-coming in another part of their lives. Just my $.02.


Just to show I'm a good sport here's one of me. A hundred and thirty pounds of coffee and sarcasm (and in this case some chocolate fudge icing). Do your worst.
OK here goes.....

At least it's not another kind of sticky stuff. *groans*
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