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I made two references to Elvis. I'm using him as my example because of his popularity and impact. I don't think that that denotes an obsession.

Hippies were trying to change something, weren't they? I wasn't refering to ravers. I'm sure some hippies just followed the style of those who were actually attempting to effect a change, which is fine.

No Zoe I wouldn't talk to an apparent crazy man on a street corner.
What's crazy about him? He's just dressed in black listening to terribly depressing music and scowling at passers-by. Maybe, inside, he's a charming young man. Makes no difference, it's not someone you'd approach (you as in anyone). You said he's crazy, I don't think he's crazy just desperate for attention.

How about if they don't like it, they don't have to buy it.
Many don't, which is good. But thousands more are impressionable, and these bands know it.

Why would you waste time "ridiculing" them if you hate them so much Zoe? Who is more ridiculous...someone doing what they want which may not agree with others ideas...or the person who constantly ridicules and complaines others who don't share theirs?
Like the world ridiculed, huh? Like I said, people can do what they want, as long as they don't stuff their suicidal ways in my face. If they didn't bother me, I wouldn't be bothered by them. Their ideas are "im depressed, my parents dont pay attention to me, i want to kill myself, i hate school, like sucks, i hate you, i hate me, i hate everyone, i hate life" and frankly it grows tiresome. Would you be especially tolerant of and kind to a young guy who frequently aproached you, and others, saying "hey you know what man, life SUCKS. my parents hate me, im just going to kill myself. you should too. you probably think youre happy but man youre being BRAINWASHED. youre just clued out man. i hate life." despite frequent attempts at saying "relax, you'll live longer."? No, because it gets annoying. What I find to laughable is these kids who can seem to find attention nowhere but by telling people about how life sucks and how they plan on killing themselves.

Don't talk to me about a fill on the city bus.
Okay, sorry, didn't know I wasn't allowed.

A teenager hasn't had their "fill" of anything yet.
Really? I'd hate to see how I'll feel in 10 years then.

LMAO hahaha your ideas on addicts are silly. LOL. You are talking about pot smoking teens who may try heroin once for attention or a thrill once its beyond that neither music, computers nor parents matter
No, I'm not. I'm talking about the group that cuts class to shoot up. Then they don't even have to pain the bags under their eyes.

but i understand your point from your relatively small exposure to true addicts
That was my whole point. You took the world "ridicule" and applied it everything you could (like, brown hair, or red clothes!) I don't care what people do, until they start to try and convince me to do heroin or kill myself.

your post was not thought out and your statements in your original post were closed minded, immature, and rude.
*shrug* perhaps, but I think my point has been made by now. I contend with these people every day (dont get mad for saying that, i know how terribly exposed your childhood in L.A. was and I'm not trying to compare my childhood to yours because ive lived a wonderfully sheltered life in rural toronto) and as I said, I've had my fill of them. I've had enough of walking into my hallway which is blasting with "death" and "devil worshipping" music. No, I don't CHOOSE to listen to this type of music, it's just there for me to listen to.

Who is more ridiculous...someone doing what they want which may not agree with others ideas...or the person who constantly ridicules and complaines others who don't share theirs?
Quite the generalization there! I'm not ridiculing people for doing what they want. When did I say "I hate and ridicule everyone who doesn't do exactly what I do?" Who is more ridiculous... some teenager gets sucked into the depressing music hole because they realize they can get more attention by being rude and mean and dressing "scary" and talking about the devil to old ladies on the bus (again, im sure youre buses were much worse.) or the person who laughs at him for being so desperate for attention that he'd so such a thing?


Once, AGAIN. My point is NOT that people should be automatones and do exactly what I do "or else." My point is that can do what they want, I just don't want to hear about the various ways and reasons one can kill oneself, all the while listening to depressing music and lyrics.
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