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I just posted a reply to this on Bob Clark so if I'm being redundant I appologize. I doubt he's going to get very far with this. There are alot of high profile scientists openly working with the pet trade and speaking out infavour of conservation through commercialization (Mark O'Shea and Dr. Bryan Fry to name a couple). The biggest threat to wild populations is hardly the pet trade or even the skin trade, it's deforestation. Look at Madigascar and Brazil. Even South East Asia.

I can't help think of thousands of SPCAs full of abused and mistreated dogs and cats when he criticizes us. I used to take my clients to volunteer at the local SPCA and the only reptile I ever saw there was a green iguana, that was ironically being mistreated by them. They were feeding him dog food. They also wouldn't let me adopt him because they thought I would breed him.

I like what Australia has done with its licensing program for herps. The main problem as I see it with the trade is impulse buyers. I think I licensing policy were some compitancy must be shown and an expesive fee, would cut them out or limit them considerably. This issue came up locally recently and disappeared just a quick. A couselman wanted to ban all exotics and 'dangerous' dogs. The Canadian government is capable of some really bone headed *****, but I don't even think parliment is that stupid. We must speak out against it, I agree. People need to know that we do know something about keeping our animals healthy and well, and that these 'news stories' are the exception rather than the rule.
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