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"You think, in 50 years, people will have replaced the "king" with this band?"

Are you obsessed with Elvis? There are thousands of other bands that have not done as well as Elvis who have made severe impacts on social and music areas. I am sorry you aren't aware of them!

"But... it is ridiculed. At least hippies and ravers are trying to have fun or trying to change something. The people to who I am refering just walk around scowling at everybody at trying to make everyone miserable because they are."

They are trying to change something? LMAO Have you ever been to a rave? OMG yeah thats all about change. Changing your mental state from normal to high on X or dancing all night. Yeah real world changers. LOL. There is NO differance between hippies, ravers or goth people. One is into peace, one is into getting dancing etc. Its all the same in the end. A lifestyle choice.

"So you'd go up to a guy standing on a street corner, frowning at everything with swear words on his shirts, blasting vulgar, depressing music as loud as possible, and say "hey, lets be friends!"?"

What does this have to do with me talking to people regardless of how they dress? No Zoe I wouldn't talk to an apparent crazy man on a street corner. Your logic is hard to follow and your comparisions are WAY OUT THERE.

"When did I talk about wearing all red? "

I won't even address this in detail. It's painfully obvious you missed my point ENTIRELY.

"It's when they sit in hallways listening to disturbing music and telling me about how life is horrible that I start to ridicule"

So you are saying when someone who you don't like in the first places starts talking to you, you not only ridicule them but you continue listening to both what they have to say and note the music they are listening too? Wow you think HIGHLY of yourself to say you actually ridicule someone else for listening to music, being depressed or even wearing black. Why is it your business?

"I have had my fill of these "pity me because im on heroin and want an overdose because mommy didnt get my a new computer" teenagers that no longer exist in YOUR "real world" because by the time they get there, they have grown out of this phase."

I have had my fill of teenagers, actually adults, people in general.... like you who really have no clue how to be a good person and take people for whats in their heads and not whats on their backs. A teenager hasn't had their "fill" of anything yet. You want to talk about heroin junkies? You have had YOUR fill? LMFAO!!!! You live in TORONTO! I grew up in Los Angeles with three in my family. Don't talk to me about a fill on the city bus. LMAO hahaha your ideas on addicts are silly. LOL. You are talking about pot smoking teens who may try heroin once for attention or a thrill once its beyond that neither music, computers nor parents matter...but i understand your point from your relatively small exposure to true addicts...I guess.....your post was not thought out and your statements in your original post were closed minded, immature, and rude.

"Why are badmouthing students?"

Where did I bad mouth students? Are you reading someone elses post Zoe? LOL. I am bad mouthing your "I am queen and i can ridicule anyone i wish" attitude. It may keep your friends in school but it gets you nowhere in life.

"but give the youth of today a break."

How about if they don't like it, they don't have to buy it.

If you are honestly telling me you get kicks out of "ridiculiing" people because they listen to music, are depressed or wear black...turn the other way. If you don't like drug addicts complaining, don't listen. But the fact is your comments had nothing to do with anything else. You just decided to jump in, like usual, with your "opinion" and state you ridicule people for things you can easily ignore.


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