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I have no problems with fashion trends, as stated. People can dress how they want and do what they want; i may find it a little strange but they can go right ahead. What bothers me is all this "im depressed, i hate the world, i want to kill myself, i hate my parents, lets all get high and die of a drug overdose" punk rock stuff. Goth has nothing to do with music (well, not in origins)... rock and roll is from the 50's, gothic is obvious much older.
How is saying that people who go around sulking, hating everything and telling everyone how they want to kill themselves are ridiculed (i already know they are, by many) saying that having brown hair is ridiculous? The latter is a physical aspect determined by DNA, whereas the other is a "i want to be different by being like every depressed teen out there" overbearing way of life.

I don't like seeing people wearing t-shirts saying "F... EVERYTHING!" or hearing these horribly depressing "rock" songs that DO make you want to die.

For one you admit you know nothing of the band but then state as fact the genre will be ridiculed and "short lived" Says who? You? LOL. Um o.k.
You think, in 50 years, people will have replaced the "king" with this band?

To say it will be "ridiculed" is absolutly the most small minded thing I have ever heard, not to mention totally immature.
But... it is ridiculed. At least hippies and ravers are trying to have fun or trying to change something. The people to who I am refering just walk around scowling at everybody at trying to make everyone miserable because they are.

When you grow up and join the REAL world, you'll find people no longer care to stick with "their group" people no longer care what someone wears and will be friends with them as long as they are true to themselves
That's the point. THis whole "I hate everything" is so terribly artificial. It never lasts (how many 50 year olds paint their nails black? maybe some, but other styles are much longer lived) And what world is this you are speaking of? One where some freak on the bus with a black mohawk, white face, black lips, etc tries to scare old ladies by moving towards their faces quickly and yelling?

normal level headed interesting adults will talk to anyone and be friends with anyone regardless of how they dress
So you'd go up to a guy standing on a street corner, frowning at everything with swear words on his shirts, blasting vulgar, depressing music as loud as possible, and say "hey, lets be friends!"?

I am a fan of treating people the way they treat me, if someone is cool and decides to wear all red for two years, what the hell do I care?
When did I talk about wearing all red? I think you missed my point completely - i am talking about these depressed teens who try and rub their misery off on other people. People can dress dark or bright hot pink and while I may not aproach them for fun, it wont make a difference in my mind. It's when they sit in hallways listening to disturbing music and telling me about how life is horrible that I start to ridicule. Do you not know these people? Who still have not figured themselves out and are trying to be so very different by scaring people and looking depressed?

Because we aren't in high school anymore and its not looks that matter...
No, YOU aren't in highschool. Why are badmouthing students? Yeesh. I am in highschool, I take the city bus there and back daily, and with those two things (bus + high school students) combined I see a lot of questionable people and I have had my fill of these "pity me because im on heroin and want an overdose because mommy didnt get my a new computer" teenagers that no longer exist in YOUR "real world" because by the time they get there, they have grown out of this phase.

And then these bands encourage it! It's fine to play about sadness or whatever, but give the youth of today a break.
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