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Invictus, macs aren't as expensive as you think I did two comparisons between two similarly configured mac and dell laptops, a low end and high end comparison. in the low end the dell beat out the mac by about $200 (1500$ for the dell compared to $1700 for the mac), where the higher end mac beat out the dell by a similar margin ($2300 compared to $2500). I didn't compare desktops as I wouldn't buy one.

now when comparing PC's and Macs you have to remember that macs run with RISC processors and you can't compare MHz directly. Mac programs also tend to be way smaller then their windows counterparts as well so you don't need as much harddrive space. And now that Macs have OSX you not only have all the previous Mac software but you get unix software as well (most stuff that runs on BSD will run on Mac OSX if you can compile it). Now macs aren't perfect, but they're pretty nice.

You can pick one up used on ebay for a fair price too.
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