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- Eagles may soar, but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines.

- I'm not depressed, it's just that you're ugly and that kinda bothers me. (Seen in my sigm but I'm posting it here because I'll be changing my sig soon, hehehe)

- I'm so goth, I got bitten by a vampire and HE turned into ME.

- I'm so goth, bats have little plastic ME's hanging in their caves.

- Help stamp out and erradicate superfluous redundancy.


- "It's funny... little things used to mean so much to Shelley. I used to think they were sort of trivial. Believe me.... NOTHING is trivial." - Brandon Lee, from "The Crow"

- "I used to think I died and went to hell. This isn't hell, but you can see it from here." - Eric Draven from the original graphic novel of The Crow. (Not seen in the movie.)

- (bad guy doesn't believe his friend told Eric Draven where to find him.) "I would have brought his toes as evidence, but I'm afraid he had to eat those too." - Original graphic novel of The Crow.

(seeing a theme here? hehehe)

I have many other favorite phrases from some of my favorite Atheistic philosphers and writers, but for the sake of not spawning a religious debate, I will not post them here.
- Ken LePage
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