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Lisa there were lots of calligasters including albinos up here over 10 years ago. I had a couple and they were brought in from California.
Sometimes things just disappear because Canadians aren't interested and can't or don't breed them.
I used to breed lots of Transpecos ratsnakes. They've all but disappeared now. I imported some more last year... Things sometimes come and go.

The big stumbling block now for Americans is they need an import/export license, plus a USF&W inspeciton just to get international shipments on a plane. This is creating even more resistance.
The license is 50US per year, and the inspection is 55 to 75 for CITES per shipment.
This license thing is new, in the last several years. I've heard through the grapevine that an American or two have been charged for attempting to ship into Canada without doing it correctly.
Word of that type of thing spreads fast.

Canadians can obtain the USF&W import/export license, and make the transaction themselves but only if they live near a border port. Inspections must always be done on US soil.
Some of us in Ontario are doing this. American breeders can ship to Buffalo and it can be legally picked up there providing
1. You are in possesion of an import/export license
2. You have an exemption from designated port permit(25 per year to use border ports)
3. You make an appointment to meet USF&W for the inspection on the US side. This should be done 3 days in advance, so they can dispatch and officer
4. If the shipment contains CITES species(all boids and monitors), that permit better be with the shipment, or you're going home without them. It takes a few MONTHS to get CITES and The American supplier must have legal animals.
Getting CITES is really the first step, for anyone interested in importing BOIDS or MONITORS or IGUANAS or DAY GECKOS, DART FROGS & Torts.

Transacting non CITES shipments is much easier, and requires less work, but step 1 to 3 is still required.

And Brian, I was the largest tricolor and greybanded king breeder in Canada back in the 80's and 90's.
I shipped it all to the US until the bottom fell out of that market and they refused to take it.
Not to sound negative, but you wont be selling many tris to Americans unless you plan to give them away. Everything we have came from them to start with.
Other than possibly Honduran morphs, there is no American market for Canadian tricolors. Remember they will have to pay an inspection to receive them, plus the shipping. They also need a license now to receive international shipments. In some cases it's being waived, but there are now reports of Canadian shipments being returned because the recipient didn't have the required import license.

The only way to get around that problem is as I outlined above. You need to get them into the US legally then distribute them.
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