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Originally posted by mathaldo
Then someone mentioned that you can claim it as a pet, and you don't need the papers. So I looked into it and all they asked was for you to pay the GST and PST. (now I don't know if this is for sure true, but I will know by tomorrow, and so I'll post it tomorrow if it is true)

I checked into this last year. My question was phrased to ask if I could buy a non-CITES listed, 'not controlled in any way species' non-dangerous nor poisonous pet in the U.S. and bring it back with me as a personal pet. The answer was that I could bring it back without a special permit, but I'd still have to pay GST and PST. A personal pet is apparently one that you had with you when you left Canada. Returning with one you bought in the U.S. is still considered a purchase (though it's a live animal and destined to be your pet) and you would then need to declare it and pay the applicable taxes.
To prove you had the animal when you left the country, you'd need to have a Certificate of Ownership, which apparently is good for unlimited travel across the border for 3 years (unless the time frame has been changed now due to increased border security). There's also a restriction on selling it after you get it into the country unless you have a permit (the name of that escapes me right now) allowing you to import for re-sale.
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