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Scales Zoo: Quote: "The wildcaught trade, as it presently sits is sad in my opinion. The conditions of many petstore reptile departments are not what I'd want the activists to think is the norm".
Good point Rob.

A good start is and i'm sure many others as do is, tell a pet department that their animals are being kept in sub-standard conditions.If their practices are incorrect, give them sugestions on how to fix the problem. I have gone so far as to call a district office when short-falls have been ignored and not corrected. It wasn't long after, it was fixed. We are an important client of the pet stores. If we speak, they will listen. They must be told that their improper husbandry practices are imitated by the unsure new hobbiest.

It is our responsibility as a community to uphold our hobby. We can make a difference. You just need to have a say if you see something wrong.


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