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K, I haven't read all of the posts here, so forgive me if I repeat something that someone already posted.

DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME writing to this Rob moron or the fascist idiots at the WSPA. Write to your Member of Parliament and let them know that fanatics banning our beloved pets will NOT be tolerated, and that you do not support any politician who votes to ban reptiles based on the completely flawed information that the WSPA is gathering to further their cause.

Nett, we need to sit down and plan a real course of action here, maybe at the next TARAS board meeting. I want to get a very clear message to the politicians in Ottawa that Rob Laidlaw is nothing more than a fanatic, and that his "study" is nothing more than gathering the information he WANTS to gather in order to further his cause.

I do see this as being a fundamental responsibility of TARAS, and I sincerely hope you agree. I'm sure that if we, and the other board members put our heads together, we can put through a viable plan to get this fanatic shut down.
- Ken LePage
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