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I was looking into purchasing a gecko from a US breeder and found out that a lot of them wouldn't even bother to. Many said the "red tape" was a killer. Also the cost just to get it into Canada would be double the lizard cost, so I tried to find an easier and more cost effective way. I decided to try and get the gecko delivered to Buffalo and then I would drive down there and pick it up. I knew I still would have to get some papers to be able to bring it across, so I looked into those. Then someone mentioned that you can claim it as a pet, and you don't need the papers. So I looked into it and all they asked was for you to pay the GST and PST. (now I don't know if this is for sure true, but I will know by tomorrow, and so I'll post it tomorrow if it is true) I don't know what reptiles and animals this applies to, but they said that it was okay for this gecko. Anyways I'm still trying to get it, but I'm still researching on how to get it in, but my idea is that claiming it as a pet would be the best idea.
Here is a link about shipping to Canada.
Not as many leopard geckos
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