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There was once a Canadian group formed to help educate against the smear campaigns of others, and prevent reptile bans. It was called CROC (Canadian Reptile Owners Coalition). For a few reasons, the group kind of quit before it really started.

Anyways, I think this is an important topic that should be addressed at each and every provincial reptile club.

As already said, Rob makes a few good points in his article. Also already said, we should acknowledge the good parts of what they say, so maybe they will listen when we try and prove the point that reptiles should not be banned as pets.

The wildcaught trade, as it presently sits is sad in my opinion. The conditions of many petstore reptile departments are not what I'd want the activists to think is the norm.

There is an ugly agenda which is partially hidden from that article. The time to prepare a defense to the impending attack is now. My gut feeling tells me that his report is not going to portray the beneficial aspects of our hobby, and if we don't do anything, that is the only thing the media is going to see.

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