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While I agree with many of the points raised in the article itself the response to the email I find pretty disturbing.

Personally i'm against wild caught animals going to consumers, but I do see the need for new bloodlines to be introduced from time to time into captive breeding stock.

I would be totally willing to help out with an organization dedicated to having the opinions and views of responsible and concerned keepers and breeders heard and defended.

I find it sort of sad that a lot of the goals these organizations set for themselves are good ones, (I mean who wouldn't want laws passed that looked out for the general welfare of our animals and made sure there were things you could to to stop people from abusing them?) But they go too far with some of their other ideals. (Eat all the veggies you want, Personally I like steak from time to time and no one is going to tell me i'm not allowed to)

But anyhow, point being... I'm concerned enough to do something about it. Nett, would you mind contacting me privately and we can go from there?
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