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cocoa shells for substrate??

Through a bunch of really dumb events, I ended up with about 100 lbs of cocoa shell. Is this an acceptable substrate for herps of any kind? It contains no additives, chemicals, dyes, oils, etc... I'm just not sure if the cocoa itself was in some way toxic. The only thing that worries me a little is that it says something like this on the bag:

'You may see a fine white mold after about 1 week. Once rinsed off with rain or a garden hose this mold should not return'

theres also the

'leaves a pleasent cocoa scent that lasts for weeks'

If mold is the only problem, couldnt this be solved by either a light bleach / water misting and sterilizing? Would this also kill the cocoa smell. I'm not totally against it.. I just think it would slightly annoying for my herps to smell like chocolate all the time

Anyways.. sorry if this has been answered but I dont remember it brought up and didnt locate anything on a quick search.

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