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this is just funny

Originally posted by Soul_Reaper
It's hard not to take something personally when someone like you comes out and bashes things that others may enjoy, or even love. I love this band, i have been following them for almost 5 years now, and not once i have judged any of the talented musicians in the band because of the way they look or dress, just because someone may wear black, it doesn't make you or anyone else any better.

Alright man, you're taking me way too seriously. I never said they weren't musically talented, I couldn't do that because I have never heard of them let alone listened to any of their music. Somehow I just knew that it followed in the tradition of The Cure and Nine Inch Nails from when I was weird 15 year old with issues (though I didn't put on the vampire costume myself).

By the way, i don't know too much about this "whole new generation" you talk about, as far as i know, personal and depressive lyrics have always been a part of Rock 'N Roll. Capes, makeup, coloured hair and nail polish have been around since the early eighties.
Uhhh yeah, early eighies was 20 years ago, 20 later means a new generation. This is now a marketing formula as much the ones used to make boy bands. Same gimmicks, new emotional teenagers to sell to.

This might be a reality check for you so read closely: Birth defects and physical handicaps are not the only things in life that might get you depressed, upset, suicidal...etc. Some people deal with things differently than others so please keep an open mind before you imply that some kid's favorite band is "laughable" just because of the way they dress...THAT way of thinking is just plain pathetic and selfish.[/QUOTE]

Who was talking about making fun of depression? Not me. I was only saying that when you're talking about the way someone looks it is only unfair to make fun if the person can help it. If you are a male that wears make up and nail polish then you can expect some laughs, it comes with the territory so get used to it.

You say that people who wear capes and paint their nails are testosterone deficient...very nice macho attitude man, that's very "testosterone proficient" of, keep it up. [/QUOTE}

LOL! Don't mind if I do keep it up, thanks (the wife kinda likes it too!) hahaha

Also you said "If it gets him laid i say go for it".....the music you listen to might be THAT brainless, but i think you are missing the point of this band and many others who follow the same genre, getting LAID is not really the target at hand here.
Zoe hit this one on the head, you're right getting laid is just a welcomed side effect of this pop-goth marketing ploy. The main goal is cash.

By the way, i've read your sarcasm around the forums before, you sound like the typical "class clown" that you see in every high school class. Always trying to be funny, always being a smartass, but in all truth, it just makes you sound like 12 year old, grow up dude.
Twelve eh? Well that more credit than people who like me would usually give me. lol! I'll admit to being a smartass, it's my gift, it's my curse, what can I say aboot that? But just so you know, you got me all wrong here I think, I'm laughing nostalgically because I was one of the "freaks" way back before I got kicked out of highschool, not some wedgie giving, football tossing jock. Maybe it's time you grew up and stopped taking yourself and some silly band so seriously.
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