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Wow I didn't think Mousekilla went overboard at all. A little poke of fun here and there keeps people on there toes and laughing. I make fun of how people look all the time, but I aim the best and most jokes at myself. Don't take life to seriously kinda thing.

But then you Zoe, you jump in and actually say saomething as laughable as this:

"I have no idea who this particular person is or the exact music they play, but I am familiar with this genre and it will be short lived and ridiculed."

I see you must have been around for lots of rock and rolls history. For one you admit you know nothing of the band but then state as fact the genre will be ridiculed and "short lived" Says who? You? LOL. Um o.k.

It's a style and way of living just like any other. Hippies...rockers...pop....people into raving...etc...All those musics come with a whole lifestyle of clothing, thoughts, morals, activities, etc. To say it will be "ridiculed" is absolutly the most small minded thing I have ever heard, not to mention totally immature.

When you grow up and join the REAL world, you'll find people no longer care to stick with "their group" people no longer care what someone wears and will be friends with them as long as they are true to themselves....People no longer care who is wearing what in their circle of friends as long as your friends aren't just trying to be cool....normal level headed interesting adults will talk to anyone and be friends with anyone regardless of how they dress...why? Because we aren't in high school anymore and its not looks that matter...Its a person who does what THEY want to do, and doesn't stop or start because of the way people like you think and "ridicule" them.

No offense personally I suppose to you but that whole post of yours was totally immature, small minded and childish. And I am not even a fan of that genre myself. I am a fan of treating people the way they treat me, if someone is cool and decides to wear all red for two years, what the hell do I care? Only people who enjoy wasting time and joining cliques because of clothing make predictions like yours.

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