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I gotta agree with MouseKilla on this one... people can do/dress what/how they want, but I still find it amusing. I too, thought he was a woman.
I find it strange enough that some women spend upwards of 700$ yearly on getting their nails done, but guys getting manicures and their fingernails painted black?

And let's face it, all that suicidal depressed stuff is all for show and money. Not to say that some people don't actually have problems and need help, but give me a break.... if you actually want to kill yourself because your girlfriend dumped you or your mother drinks, then I think your gene pool is trying to tell you something.

And what do you mean, depression has always been a part of rock and roll? first of all, rock and roll is pretty recent, and when's the last time Elvis wrote a song about how terrible and suicidal the world is, and when did he wear black makeup and nail polish?

Sorry, this "I hate the world and myself and my parents and school so I'll just wear black makeup and do my nails" is extremely temporary and while some people look back and think that some things they did in their childhood was a little silly, many of these will be downright embarassed: "Remember when you were 15 and wore black nail polish and eye liner and lipstick and kept saying you wanted to kill yourself and join satan?"...

getting LAID is not really the target at hand here.
Nope, it's making money. These people are hardly being themselves and unique. They saw a niche that had yet to be filled, and found a way to apeal to all the impressionable and "depressed" teenagers who wanted a conformist way to rebel against the "awful" world. And boy did it ever work! I have no idea who this particular person is or the exact music they play, but I am familiar with this genre and it will be short lived and ridiculed.

Just wanted to ad: i am aware that the "dark" look is simply what some people are into and find attractive. Nothing wrong with that. The extremes are what I find laughable.

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