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I don't understand the philosophy of these animal rights nut cases. They seem to not just put the lives of animals on the same level as those of humans but they may even place a higher value on the lives of animals for some reason. That just boggles the mind.

I'm all for stopping importation or collection of threatened or endangered species and preserving habitat but I must admit that my ecological concerns only extend as far as it effects human life. In other words I think we have to take care of the earth because if we don't we will be killing ourselves.

Humans are in a unique position to either maintain and preserve the planet or exploit and destroy it. I believe that this means we have the responsibility to ourselves and future generations of people to not let greed lead to the death of animal populations and eventually ourselves. Along with this huge responsibility I believe comes the right to alter nature for our own ends whether that means farming for food or making money in the animal trade to feed ourselves and our families.

There are enough people in the world that are being kept in inhumane conditions without pondering how "happy" an animal with a brain the size of a sunflower seed may be in a Rubbermaid. Why don't you ask the snake dickhead? Let me know when he answers.

I really hope there are some of these losers on here spying so they can take the message back to their friends to grow up and get a real job, do something useful with your misdirected passion and piss off.
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