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Originally posted by MouseKilla

I wasn't making fun of how the guy looked to feel better about myself, I can never seem to do my make up as well as he has.

I think he did a great job, I don't see any stuble and since I can't see the butt in those pics I couldn't tell it was a guy at all.

Don't take it personally man, I just find it amusing that there is a whole new generation of cape wearing, testoserone deficient teenaged boys still painting their nails black and listening to depressing music. That stuff is fair game for mockery since we're not talking about a birth defect or physical handicap, it's not making fun of how he looks but rather laughing at what he's chosen to do to himself. But hey if it gets him laid I say go for it, I'd do it too if I could play guitar or something...
It's hard not to take something personally when someone like you comes out and bashes things that others may enjoy, or even love. I love this band, i have been following them for almost 5 years now, and not once i have judged any of the talented musicians in the band because of the way they look or dress, just because someone may wear black, it doesn't make you or anyone else any better.

By the way, i don't know too much about this "whole new generation" you talk about, as far as i know, personal and depressive lyrics have always been a part of Rock 'N Roll. Capes, makeup, coloured hair and nail polish have been around since the early eighties.

This might be a reality check for you so read closely: Birth defects and physical handicaps are not the only things in life that might get you depressed, upset, suicidal...etc. Some people deal with things differently than others so please keep an open mind before you imply that some kid's favorite band is "laughable" just because of the way they dress...THAT way of thinking is just plain pathetic and selfish.

You say that people who wear capes and paint their nails are testosterone deficient...very nice macho attitude man, that's very "testosterone proficient" of, keep it up.

Also you said "If it gets him laid i say go for it".....the music you listen to might be THAT brainless, but i think you are missing the point of this band and many others who follow the same genre, getting LAID is not really the target at hand here.

By the way, i've read your sarcasm around the forums before, you sound like the typical "class clown" that you see in every high school class. Always trying to be funny, always being a smartass, but in all truth, it just makes you sound like 12 year old, grow up dude.
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