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Oh, and I hope those children aren't forever traumatized by this. Being as young as they are I hope they can get past it at some point and be able to enjoy the company of a dog.
I hear ya on that...unfortunately...when our pug was just a pup. My friend bought his son over...I had our dog in the kitchen but my 5 yr old open the gate..without my knowledge..and before you know it..he went over to my friends son ..and was just playin..but got him with a claw in the cheek...he wasn't bad at all..just scared he crap out of his he is terrified when he comes over...I have to put the dog downstairs...hopefully one day as he gets older he will get past dog was just playin and didnt mean harm..but unfortunately..the kid is now scared. My dog is exciteable and a bit protective..but once people get through the door and he gets to meet them...he totally calms down and is fine..I just wish this didn't happen..cause usually he is great with kids.

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