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some people cannott be plactaed no matter what is said and it is pointless to try. S/He seems to have more issues than just this or perhaps he/she was bitten by one before?
Sweeping generalizations about certain breeds withstand regardless of how many "Nice" examples of that breed are shown.
It is irresponsible reporting IMO, but sensational stories sell papers.

I too have seen wonderfully sweet Pits, and I have also seen quite aggressive ones although they aren't the norm. Personally I don't trust any dog 100%, even my own two. While I don't believe that they would ever intentionally hurt me bad things DO happen. And as several people stated here I would NEVER leave my children unattended with large, possibly aggressive dogs.

Better safe than sorry.

Oh, and I hope those children aren't forever traumatized by this. Being as young as they are I hope they can get past it at some point and be able to enjoy the company of a dog.
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