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I love this as to full article:

"A dramatic reduction in cases of reptile-associated salmonellosis and other reptile-related diseases, can only be achieved when contact between reptiles and humans is substantially reduced or eliminated. Until that time, to reduce the possibility of disease transmission, anyone who physically contacts reptiles, or objects and surfaces that have been contacted by reptiles, should follow the guidelines set out by the Centers for Disease Control. As well, those persons identified as being particularly at risk should avoid all contact with reptiles. However, no amount of advice of this type, will protect the public from some indirect sources of infection, such as a reptile-keeper visiting a household, or through intermediary sources with which a carrier reptile or its keeper have had contact."

O.k. so basically they are saying that they have proof of a case of a reptile owner visiting someone else, and giving them salmonella? Where are their facts? Has this ever even happened! Or are they just spouting this off to further their cause. Are they even AWARE that chicken carries this and is in our homes RAW almost everyday? Do they even know that more children get salmonella from DOG TOYS laying around (such as bones) than they do reptiles?

They are ignoring facts. Its like me saying well cars are really dangerous but so are scooters so lets go after them even thought the injuries and cases are insanly minor in comparision.

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