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Well Scales Zoo I must thank you for getting my anger level at ten before breakfast this morning. That guys stuff is just insane!

From the website WSPA (link to article: )
"Laidlaw notes that both the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta and Health Canada advise against children under the age of 5 having direct or indirect contact with reptiles of any kind. As many reptile-associated Salmonella infections involve serious complications, including septicemia and meningitis, the two agencies go as far as to state that reptiles should not be kept in the home with children aged less than one year."

I don't see how this is a reason on their list of why some snakes and reptiles should be banned. Some of us don't have children, thanks.

Another qoute from another article on WSPA to article:

"Excepting physical contact during basking, mating and territorial disputes, mutual touching is not noted to be a large part of an iguana's usual communications. So, for the captive iguana, the human touch may be perceived as anything from an attack to a minor annoyance."

Yeah I guess thats why when I open Roxy's (my 7 year old Green Iguana) cage and walk away, she comes out on her own and follows us out to the living room to sit on the couch and watch cars drive by. I geuss she feels constantly under threat during this. Yeah must be why she comes out on her own. Uh huh.

The thoughts and "facts" expressed in the reading I did this morning are scary. Personally I think we need to get together a group much like Grant VG suggested. At the very LEAST a group dedicated to responding to these articles and seding their writings to all people involved in this....the WSPA, the government, etc. If they are being allowed to voice their mostly wrong and non thought out opinions, we should have our own constant supply of information challanging theirs which is constantly sent out to any people involved.

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