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Re: Snakes & Drums

Originally posted by Matbritain
We have rearranged our home and my snake (Black Kingsnake) now shares the room where I practice my drums. Can the strong vibrations hurt or irritate my snake? Thanks for the help. -Matbritain
Hello Matbritain, welcome to ssnakess.

I would advise you to place the snake somewhere else, away from the drums. Like you said, the strong vibrations will drive your snake insane, and a stressed snake is not a good snake.

If you have nowhere else to put her, buy a medium sized rubbermaid container and create a second provisory enclosure, one that you can move around the house easily, so whenever you decide to jam, place the snake in the new enclosure and move her away from the drums, then place her back in her own home, i had to do that with my BP for the longest time, it can become a pain in the a s s but, it's best for the animal.
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