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But did u read the emails??????? They are implying that they want to shut not only the WC trade but the trade as a whole cuz we dont look after these animals like they should be .........And that we are akin to the old zoos in the way we look after them ?????? I cant believe that they say these things with out a shred of proof .........And seem to have lil or no care for what we have done for education and how far we have come in our husbendry practices .......
Ha ha, yeah, I only read the article! The emails are a different story, I agree!

My main concern is not what they, or PETA or any of the other psycho groups think. Their minds won't change. Its ingrained. My concern is what the average shmoe thinks. What is going through the average person's head when he or she hears about reptiles as pets? That's what is the big question hear. Because whatever they think, will have an impact. Same with what the politicians think. Politicians probably aren't really concerned with animal welfare. They are concerned about PEOPLE who are concerned about animal welfare. They are concerned about money, and they are concerned about being in office as long as possible.

I don't know. I totally agree with Annette though. Writing professional-style letters to whomever concerned is a great idea. I think we should all take the time to write a few well-though out words down.

Cheers fellow herpers!
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