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One of the biggest problem I see out there , not just with groups like WSPA and PETA , is that the whole herp world is misunderstood ......Herps have a bad rep . and so do their keepers......We are not going to change that by banning herp keeping .....The only way is through education ......The powers that be refuse to see that we have made leaps and bounds in education as well as keeping ......They seem to be looking at the few neg. things and not all the positive things that we have done over the years.......What really kills me is that these people honestly think that reptiles breed like crazy under the worst conditions .........LOL .......This in itself shows how little they do know about keeping and breeding reptiles......It seems that they have done nothing in the way of research and have nothing to back up these claims ........Hopefully when ever this report comes out it will give us more info on just what they think we are doing so wrong ........Then we can fully respond with facts and figures of our own .......

And the more people that write letters to them (professionally) and the more we let them know that this is not acceptable we might be able to get them to back down ......
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