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What are we going to do when a vast majority of the natural habitat that the animals we keep disapears and we are disallowed to keep and propagate these animals. They go extinct.... This habitat distruction is happening all over the globe and it is increasing. Without the large amounts of breeders learning new ways to successfully breed and care for these reptiles I fear that in a few decades we will lose many important species to this planet. THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE!

I believe that captive breeding is essential knowledge that will save many animals from the fate of extinction. Why don't we go after the real problem - Exon, walmart, haliburton, ect... These Billion dollar corporations are kicking the planets a** and pose the largest danger to our herps not us keeping a pet ball python.....

Wow! You missed the big picture WSPA !!!!!!

We don't like to rant much but the ignorance shown by WSPA is disconcerting....

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