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ok a lot of the it is true, but Captive breeding has been happening a lot, the reason why we still have WC, is cause pet stores are still willing to buy it! To stop WC reptiles, they must first stop the buyers!

They mentioned green igunna's and R.E.S turtles, well duh......there are a lot of those everywhere, cause people over breed them, and now we got people that doesnt want to take care of the poor thing anymore, so they give it to people like reptila or a friend that knows nothing about them. People buy baby R.E.S turtles and think awww its cute, i think im gonna get it. So they get it, and they grow into adults, this is when people stop thinking there cute, and throws them in a lake.

They have to be resonable about this whole thing, and think of the people that are able to keep these reptiles. About 80% of the people here in the site, are able to keep reptiles. A lot of "new people" come here and ask questions, and we are educating them. The reason why a lot of reptiles, become unwanted is cause they dont know what is up next for them. But i think they should be reasonable

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