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Very disheartening indeed to think these guys are supposed to be on our side. In reguards to the whole meat/skin thing their industry has much more money therefore power than us herpers so they choose to attack us little guys first. I for one would love to see the documented proof of their slanderous claims. Their hearts in the right place, but their heads are stuck up their butts still. I think they should concentrate their efforts on the banning of WCs & more importantly dealing with the exceedingly increasing problems concerning domesticated animals such as Cats & Dogs. Just how many C & D's are put down even on a daily basis, not because they are unhealthy, but just because they are unwanted. I would like to see these #'s referenced againest the claims againest Herpers. These WSPA people seem more content just to wipe out the pet trade in general rather than put the proper time & effort in to regulate it as it should be. No more Pet trade, no more problem, ya that will work NOT! I wonder if Lowell managed to get a Rocket Launcher yet. I know where the crosshairs should be sitting LOL (even though it ain't funny at all, sigh!) Mark
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