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Originally posted by Grant vg
I believe the reason why he was blowing off the US in his emails is that they have there own division by my knowledge, So he is only speaking on behalf of Canada's situation.
Dont think for a second that the US WSPA ...ISN"T working on this. ITs just a lot more complicated taking away there snakes, because of there laws and power in numbers.

But it makes perfect sense to attack canada if you think about it.
were smaller and every aspect concerning the reptile industry. Take us over and it will be alot easier to take them over....Its the power of "PRECEDENT"
I know ......... Go after us 1st .......Set the precedent here .....Then go after the big fish ........ That is why we need to voice our points as one voice in a professional manner ...... I really think it all starts with us ....... And hopefully it will end here as well .....If we do it right ......
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