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If they want to concentrate on anything, IMO they should be working on stopping the import of WC specimens. maybe get a little stricter like they do with Poachers... I mean they are complaining about EC populations dwindling... and they don't WANT to focus on the skin trade and that kind of thing, so why not go after the enterprises/individuals that are supporting/carrying out the WC problem? This SHOULD be where the focus lies... because like someone mentioned, unless they tell me what I am doing wrong, and show proof that what the majority of us are doing wrong, and even then, (cause mistakes can be corrected) this is just a crock of bull caca.

man, I am so steamed about this... freaking people who know nothing about something having to get into everyones business, and not take care of the REAL problem. someone should send this Bozo the link to this site, and have them spend a day here to see how we as a community are helping the less knowledgeable to be good care givers. and maybe by doing that they can go after the people who just choose to not take the 'right' advice and prosecute them instead of generalising us all into one category....
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