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I do agree with the fact that Wild collecting can and probably is having a huge effect on some wild populations of certain species, to lump everything into one single cohessive group is just stupid to me. The arctile wasn't too bad, but the emails kinda cheesed me off as far as that goes(implying that all keepers are inept/cold hearted and that all captives are suffering both physically and emotionally(however you quantfy that). The problem of wild caughts(when it gets to the point of hurting wild populations, etc) should be dealt with, but that's all I had to agree with.

Some of these groups(ie PETA/HSUS - he realy lost me once he lumped his organization in with those guys) seem to really have misguided directions as far as aniamls cruelty goes. Like Marisa said, there is a much larger problem not only in this country, but virtually ALL countries as far as overpopulations of dogs/cats etc. that really should be addressed before attacking what is still really a very small niche market in reptiles. They seem to chase after every little issue, probably to give the illusion that they accomplish anything in order to attract members, when they don't seem to accomplish much at all.

Interesting anyways, thanks for the heads-up...
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