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I can't believe what I just read. Why would anyone who loves reptiles lobby to make it illegal to own them?? Rob Laidlaw says that a couple of time in the responce. Also if he believes that most owners don't take care of their reptiles then he should go into every single home that keeps them and look at how they keep them. I for one keep mine quite well, they get what they need and then what they like. And his efforts should be directed at the chain pet stores that are the ones importing most of the wild caught herps and then selling them to who ever wants "that cute little green lizard" I'm fairly new to keeping lizards (only a year or so) and I'm mad at how that articale (sp?) and letter were not only worded but how he seems to look down upon people who keep these wonderful creatures. I agree lots of the people who I know don't know the first thing about herps, but they also don't own any, and don't really want to. Once upon a time all cats, dogs and birds were wild caught, no one did anything about that. I'm sure that alot of the birds still are. I just wish that people who make statments like "Your comment that some reptile owners are not responsible should be changed to most owners. While there are a few expert hobbyists who leave no stone unturned in their efforts to research the natural lifestyles and captive management of their reptiles, and who dedicate the time, energy and resources to their accommodation and care, these kinds of people are few and far between. Most reptile pet owners pay little attention to satisfying the biological and ethological needs (if they are known) of the reptiles they own. Iíve heard many claims from breeders and hobbyists about how educated reptile owners are, but I have seen little evidence to prove it" would actually know what they are talking about. You can't know how owners actually keep their hgerps unless you go and see. Just because you take some poll does not mean it's fact. I never had anyone from WSPA come to my home and check how my lizards are doing. Has anyone here?? Has anyone ever taken an "offical WSPA" poll as to how they are kept?? It's just sad that we might not be able to show our children the wonders of these creatures because of people who think they are helping the herps, but are really not. They should teach people, not put the ones who try to make a difference down.
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