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Re: What is the Best Snake???

Originally posted by munchie321
What is the best snake and why??
That is a very generalized question and virtually impossible to answer. What exactly are you asking? What is the best snake to keep? Or what is your favorite/best looking snake?

If your talking about housing a snake, it depends on your own requirements and how experienced you are. A gaboon would definately be a terrible idea, or a burmese. Well...anything that goes beyond 7 feet or poisonous shouldn't be considered "the best snake". UNLESS you have the experience, then it's a whole different story.

For a starter, Corn Snakes would be my pick. They are cheap, incredibly tolerable, easy to handle, easy to maintain and super colorful. If that was the question you were asking, i hope i helped.

If that was not the question, my favorite/best looking snake in my opinion would be GTP's, Eyelash vipers and Black Blood Pythons. I think that those are the most beautiful snakes in the planet.
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