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To start with I disagree that there is a "real lack of reptiles available in Canada"

This might have been the case a mere decade ago, but there isn't much left that isn't up here now, and some has just arrived in the last couple years.
We have Boelens, Angolans, Diamonds, Dumerils, Malagasy's,Olive Pythons, Anthill Pythons, Stimpsoni,...albino boas, albino sandboas,albino rosy boas, most Ball Python morphs, and the list goes on and on...and we have lots of monitors and geckos and pretty much everything else.
Sure we aren't yet producing all of those, but they are here, and Canadians produce more and more herps very year.
And the market while expanding, is hardly what I would call "a great market waiting to be filled"

That's funny you say that Roy, because just a couple days ago, Don P. and I were talking about how many great breeders there were in Canada, yet how lame and slow and infantile and small etc etc etc he market was!! Its so true. Tons of wicked snakes are produced here every year, yet most of the good stuff, I'd say, goes either overseas, back to the US, or is kept. At least in my opinion. I mean, we were commenting on "what if we produced, say a bumblebee, or a snow (boa OR ball)"? "Where would we sell it?" LOL! Indeed. Who in CANADA would actually buy one? I mean, the people that actually want and will fork over the cash for hese things ALREADY have them, or have plans to get them. And that's where the Canadian market is just behind the times. Lots of great breeders, but no where to sell the animals.

Thank god for international shipping!!

I mean, I even remember Roy saying that he would export BRB babies back in the day. If it were easier to sell them here, I assume that he would, and not go through the hassle of shipping them down south.

Don't get me wrong, I love my country, but in the herp bizzz, we are kind of bringing up the rear, so to speak.
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