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I for one am glad that its hard for the US to export here (LOL, obviously), but its only hard for certain animals. And those animals are ones that don't have any paperwork. Like Australian animals. I mean, if the country doesn't allow export of its native fauna, then how can the paperwork exist to ship those animals internationally? Right. It doesn't. So very few people have or can get the paperwork for Aussie animals, that most just don't bother.

But Ball Pythons? Boas? Rainbows? etc etc? They are EASY to ship up here. People do it all the time. Why are they easy? Because the countries in which they are from ship HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of them to the US every year. Therefore, abundant amounts of CITES paperwork is floating around to get the animals legally across the border.

Moral? Aussie animals are next to impossible to buy from the States (except certain people that have legal paperwork). Everything else is fair game, provided they can get the CITES for it. Its not hard, and its not all that time consuming.
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