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I found the answer to my question...

This is a quote from Robyn at Pro Exotics...

The problem of getting animals to Canada isn't lack of effort from breeders (or even dealers) it is the paperwork and expense involved.

exporting to Canada is pretty much the same as exporting to, say, Yugoslavia, even though you are "right there". there is a LOT of paperwork involved, all kinds of fees, duties, health reports, and more, as well as a 3 month (or more) wait from filing the paperwork to get approval.

for an order of a thousand dollars or more, it may be worth it for both parties, but for a single animal that may cost less than the paperwork, as well as the multi-month wait, it is simply not worth it, to either party.

the best thing to do is to arrange all the paperwork from your side, and have the animal shipped to a broker house or friend's house on the border, and then take the animal across yourself. in more than 10 years of breeding and selling reptiles, i have had ONE customer go through the trouble to do this for an animal (a single monitor). no one else feels it is worth their time.

there is a real lack of reptiles available in Canada, and a great market there just waiting to be filled. it is not for lack of interest that we can't fill it, but rather cost, time, and expense...
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