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I agree with Jason. Indoor carpeting wasn't designed to withstand soiling or humidity, and it doesn't wash up very easily either. It would be very hard - if not impossible - to disinfect, and would get messed up very quickly. Regular bath towels could be an alternative for you to think of. Many people use them for their larger animals with great success, you can just toss it in the washer when its dirty and voila! I'm like Jeff, I swear by papertowels. I use them for most of my snakes, with environments ranging from arid to humid. I soak them completely for my brb's and I have never had a problem with the papertowels being torn (my largest brb is 4', not a wee lil thing). I like Scott towels because they are so thick (if you have a Costco/Price Club nearby they sell them at a smokin $14 I believe for a 12-roll pack!)...
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